We're Wilmslow Youth, here's a bit about us

Who are we?

Wilmslow Youth is a community project and part of the Source Youthwork charity. Our work began in 2016 as a joint project between local churches  to meet the needs of local young people and build a healthy community for them to be part of.
We provide free, early intervention, mental health support for young people aged 11-18 and their parents, and strive to not just provide a service for young people, but to create an environment in which they can thrive. For that reason, our counselling and mentoring provisions are supported by wrap-around groups and activities that promote healthy social interaction and break down stigmas around mental illness though various forms of group work, media, workshops and activities.

Meet the Team

Our work is led by Matt Williamson and Gemma Tuson, along with our governing body of charity trustees.


Charity CEO

Matt is a JNC and Degree qualified Youth Worker, has a level 3 ABC counselling qualification, and over 10 years experience of project management in young people’s services. His experience includes working with churches, charities, schools and youth services, all of which have shaped his whole-community approach to supporting young people.

He loves getting alongside young people, helping them to grow and develop into all they can be; empowering them to stretch themselves, and encouraging them to find a sense of purpose and meaning. Following a study he conducted into the needs of local young people in early 2016, Matt went on to lead the work of Wilmslow Youth and Source Youthwork.



Deputy CEO

Founder of ‘Jam Magazine’ in 2001, Gemma Tuson co-created the popular teenage magazine that was both credible and relevant for young people in the UK. She went on to facilitate fashion, art and craft workshops in schools, youth clubs and council-funded youth initiatives, gaining vast experience working alongside young people from many different backgrounds.

She is passionate about using creativity as a tool, to help people increase their sense of value and purpose. Gemma has developed the “Be Loved” course and creative journal for young women, which is now being used in youthwork settings all around the UK. She works alongside Matt leading Wilmslow Youth and Source Youthwork.